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I AM BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful Definition (Tarot Affirmation Card)

Today’s affirmation is I AM BEAUTIFUL. So, the question is “Are you beautiful?” In order to determine the answer to I AM BEAUTIFUL, you need to ask yourself “What is your definition of beautiful?” In the dictionary, it has its own definition of beautiful, but a lot of people create their own definition of beautiful….

Dependable (Poem)

Dear self you can depend on my love, I’ll fight for you, I won’t ever let you settle for the wrong love, You deserve a true love that won’t hurt you, You deserve a love that’s dependable.

Understanding (Poem)

It’s hard to be understanding when my heart is hurting, I’m trying to see past the tears to understand, Why do I have to keep hurting? A question that should be changed for me to understand, A question that can be changed to “What is the real reason that my heart is hurting?”

Choice (Poem)

What if I make the wrong choice? I’ll change my view on wrong choice to a view of right choice, I won’t ever make the wrong choice, I’ll always make the right choice, I’ll always see the good in my choice.


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