The Game Crafter To Sizzix (Poker Cards & Tarot Cards)

I spent a lot of money on The Game Crafter. I had to purchase my games to see if I liked them. I also had to purchase my games so The Game Crafter could make my game public and promote it. I didn’t ever have issues with the customer support individuals. So, that’s why I continued to make games and buy them. However, their Manager ended up being really rude to me in a forum. He deleted my post because he disapproved of it. It was a link to my YouTube video. I think it was a tutorial for The Game Crafter. I can’t remember, but the point is, that he didn’t have to be rude about it.

As a result, I decided to find another way for making my games. I did find another company that made games, but that would cost me more money. Once again, I would have to purchase the game to see if I liked it. Printify also does Custom Playing Cards, which you can integrate to other platforms to sell unlike The Game Crafter. I kept asking The Game Crafter for integration, but they didn’t want to do it. Also, companies like The Game Crafter and such get a lot of money for shipping and for making the games. So, that means that you’ll have to sell the game for a higher price for you to get a profit. Unfortunately, you can’t sell poker cards at a very high price because a lot of people sell poker cards for a low price.

So, I continued to research and I found Sizzix. In fact, I found out about Sizzix because I was looking for a way to make poker cards and tarot cards. Would that save money?


Nenaah White Cardstock 110lbs currently at $17.77 (.07/sheet)

Let’s say you can fit 8 poker cards on a sheet. So if you want 54 cards, you’ll have to use 7 sheets. That means you’ll multiply 8 x .07. So, you’ll spend .56 for poker-size cards. If you add another .07 to .56 for your tuck box, you’ll get a total of .63.

After doing the count, I realized that The Game Crafter was taking advantage of people who didn’t have the knowledge of how much they spent on making a card. Anyways, you can purchase the poker die at KSCRAFT called KSCRAFT ATC Card.

You can also purchase a tarot card size die at Waffle Flower called Waffle Flower A7 Layers. You’ll also need the Sizzix Big Shot machine if you’re going to use the dies.

In my opinion, it’s better to spend a one-time fee on the Sizzix Big Shot and the dies instead of relying on a company who’ll charge you a lot of money, who might not give you good results, and who might be rude to you.

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