I AM BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful Definition (Tarot Affirmation Card)

Today’s affirmation is I AM BEAUTIFUL. So, the question is “Are you beautiful?” In order to determine the answer to I AM BEAUTIFUL, you need to ask yourself “What is your definition of beautiful?” In the dictionary, it has its own definition of beautiful, but a lot of people create their own definition of beautiful. What I mean by that is that some people have certain traits or characteristics from their appearance that they consider beautiful and other people don’t consider that beautiful. However, it’s important to realize that every single person has their definition of beauty. That means that you might be beautiful to someone, but you might not be beautiful to someone else. The question is now “Would you go with the definition of the one that says you aren’t beautiful or with the one that says you are beautiful?” This is your choice. Also, in every country they each have their definition of beauty. So, that means you might find a lot of people that might not find you beautiful in your country, but they might find you beautiful in another country. So, once again “Would you go with the definition of the country that says you aren’t beautiful or with the country that says you are beautiful? This is your choice. Now, it’s very important to think about this answer because it would determine how you see yourself. So, if you agree with the people who say you are beautiful, then you will believe that you are beautiful. If you go with the people who say you aren’t beautiful, then you’re going to go with people who says you aren’t beautiful. Another issue here, when you go to school you only go with certain classmates that constantly see you. So, if they say you aren’t beautiful, then you’re going to constantly hear that you aren’t beautiful because you’re only in that small community. But if you go to a school where they say you’re beautiful, then you’re going to have a confidence that says you’re beautiful. So, this also determines how you feel about yourself and that’s why school can play an important part of how you see yourself, which isn’t good at times if they’re saying that you aren’t beautiful. That’s why sometimes when you leave that school and go to another school it becomes a different community that might say that you are beautiful. But if somebody says you aren’t beautiful at a school, that doesn’t mean you have to believe them. Like I said, they could tell you their opinion. It’s an opinion. Beauty, the definition of beauty that somebody creates is an opinion. But if the dictionary says the definition of beauty, then that is a fact because the dictionary is based on what people is saying is facts. But people make their own opinions. You create an opinion of yourself. In other words, choose what makes you happy. Choose the definition that makes you happy, but if there are times that you have hard time believing that you are beautiful, ask yourself “How can I change my definition of beauty?” And that way you might be able to see yourself as beautiful person.

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